Andrew Fung

I believe as a (graphic) designer, one of my greatest responsibilities is to share what I learn. One of the core ideals of this program and the mentorship in SIAT is “give everything away”. I have been personally affected deeply by this way of thinking by others and freely sharing ideas is a cultural imperative for me now in my work. The more opportunities I get to share my knowledge, the more knowledge I will receive back as a result of the relationships cultivated and hybrids of thought and approach. “Knowledge-share” makes for a better design culture, one that I want to be a part of. It’s the key to innovation and practising it better, I believe is what will set Canada apart in the global environment in the future. And we learned so much about this from living with the Dutch people.

As a 5th year student in SIAT’s Design concentration, I have developed a strong interest in graphical and spatial design. Having been exposed to so many important and productive designers both in school and in this field study has inspired me to not fear achieving my goals as a designer. And the key way to do that I now understand is – be passionate about what you do and love doing it.

I’m currently working as a communication designer both freelance and with a few organizations in brand and media development. I believe good design comes from thinking about the scales of designs at all times – ranging from graphic, to objects, to architectural + urban spaces. My vision is to not only produce in this spectrum but also to curate environments where others can share this vision.