Claudy Jongstra

Though she was originally trained as fashion designer Claudy Jongstra fell in love with the broader field of working with textiles in 1994 when she saw a Mongolian yurt made of felt on display in the Nederlands Textielmuseum. She soon started felting and making fabrics in which the wool was combined with transparent silk organza to produce unheard of results. This vein of experimentation continues and she has since established her own dyeworks using herbs grown in the garden of her studio to dye wool from her flock of rare Drenthe Heath sheep. She controls the entire process so she can operate independently and this year she will begin growing large fields of madder, woad, and larkspur in Friesland to continue this experimentation. Her work is often employed in architecture by Jo Coenen, Claus en Kaan, and Rem Koolhaas.

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