Jenny T.A. Nguyen

Having always been fascinated by the everyday interactions of people with each other, objects, media and culture, I entered SFU in Fall of 2007, intending on pursuing a degree in Communications. However, in the middle of my second year, I found myself fully immersed in the SIAT program, unable to let go of a faculty whose classes enabled not only the ability to analyze and research, but also to create. I find myself at home in this industry where I have the pleasure of working with people, to help other people, and to learn about new subjects everyday. As a young woman who is constantly experimenting with hobbies, I find the diversity of the spectrum of design engaging. I am primarily interested in critical design such as that of Dunne & Raby, and focus both my personal and academic projects on ones where the concept comes before form, and interaction with it asks the participant to engage in new paradigms.

Having being born to Vietnamese parents in France, and now living in Canada, I do not see myself as being chained to Vancouver. I aspire to travel, both to live and work abroad, and to have the humility to stay open and not judge while embracing lifestyles and cultures different from my own. After visiting so many studios and workshops where so much work is constantly being reviewed and further prototyped, I am motivated to challenge myself to develop concepts in this physical way.