Jordan Manning

I’m currently entering my sixth year of schooling, having spent the first two years in an interdisciplinary arts and social sciences program that culminated in a large piece of installation/performance art and the last four studying design and media. As I have gone on in my studies my appreciation for the beauty of structure and engineering has really grown through my introduction to things like Archigram and structural engineering firms like Arup. I am very interested in the infrastructure that supports cities and in the maximization of the pleasure of urban space through efficient urban planning and the mixing of functions. I spent the last 8 years of my life skateboarding and after my ankles started complaining too much I switched to cycling so I like to think that I look at the built environment in a slightly different way and always look for the little parts of a building or a park that could easily be the place where the youth of tomorrow grow up. I have always been interested and curious about almost everything around me, so design has always been a greater system of organizing thoughts and interactions in my mind. Now because of this trip I feel like that system has expanded so much and I’m really excited to have even more perspectives to analyze my world with.