Mike Kruk

I believe being inspired is one of the most important things people need in their lives. It was the search for inspiration which brought me back to post secondary education in the first place. This search mixed with my love for creative output brought me to the SIAT program at SFU. I am now in my last year of the program and have just finished the Dutch Field School and can say that I am fully inspired. This field school has helped me identify exactly what skills I have, and what I need to work on further. It has also enabled me to visualize what kind of company I want to either form or work for. It sure feels good to say that and it feels even better to see the proof. Seeing first hand that it is possible to live my life the way I truly want to is wonderful experience. I believe that with my experience in Film and Television Advertising, my mixture of education before SIAT, and now my new found skills from the Design and Media Arts steams, I will finally have the skills needed to produce a career which will continue to inspire me for many years to come.