Saba Nowroozi

Prior to coming to Simon Fraser University, I spent a year studying at the University of British Columbia. Although my life at UBC was enjoyable, I found that academically I missed creativity and I decided I needed to transfer to a program in which creativity was essential. Three years later, I know that I made the right choice. Despite the challenges of the Interactive Arts and Technology program, I know I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunities to learn far more about design than I had ever imagined. Through the two design field schools I have gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation for design and architecture. The field school experiences go far beyond what I could have learnt from any classroom or book or online resource. These experiences have enabled me gain a far better idea of what I want to pursue in both short term and long term. I now know that I want to do something in women’s soccer, even if it involves just film or photography. Women’s soccer is one thing that I feel I understand the most and truly love. My most ideal situation would be to somehow combine industrial design, humanitarian design and women’s soccer. We’ll see where it takes me!