Stella Gutierrez

Growing up in a family of artists meant that there was a strong influence of art in my life, and for a while, when I immigrated to Canada several years ago, I was naturally inclined to pursue my studies and interests in Fine Arts. But after much more exposure to the world of Graphic Design, I grew to love and appreciate this field of design. The dutchDesign field school has definitely helped cement this interest. I found I can bring my love of art into this world, that I can express myself and help others express or discover something about themselves as well. My greatest interests in design lie in the things that communicate on a human level, that touch you in unexpected ways, and that make you appreciate the little things in life. Seeing first hand how designers in the Netherlands do this allowed me to begin to understand for myself as a designer how I approach the world, and how I wish to communicate with others. This is also an “art”, but an indirect one that slowly I am beginning to learn to harness for myself as a creative.