DutchDesign is a competitive-entry program that selects twelve students each year to participate and make a seven month commitment to the program, for nine university credits. Some competency in the Dutch language must also be completed. Applicants from SIAT receive priority and a senior level of design knowledge is a minimum expectation.

Each year a new groep or group is formed who will work extremely closely for the duration of the project. This is the FIRST group: or in Dutch, Groep Een.

In this section one can watch video profiles made by each member of Groep Een in an interview conducted after the in-field portion of the project. The students express their thoughts as to what they value about the program, what they learned and what were its challenges. Prospective applicants should watch these interviews to gauge their own suitability. Each Groep passes on everything they have learned to the next group as the new baseline. The Director ensures the passing of that ‘legacy’ torch and subjects are thus able to progress each year, with minimal repetition year to year.

Groep Een